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make-a some mozzarella just-a like-a mumma used to make-a!

Thanks so much to the lovely Louise
Talbot, founder of
Cutting the Curd for showing our Sous Chef Anis,
along with a group of budding cheese hungry students how to, indeed,
cut the curd!

Louise says "This four hour class
is a good mix of demonstration and hands-on and we’ll make halloumi,
mascarpone and mozzarella cheese and butter, using raw farm or
Supermarket milk, vegetarian rennet and basic kitchen equipment".

really is a wonderful and exciting process to see milk literally turn
into cheese before your very eyes!

is a fantastically fun, articulate and patient teacher. Everything is
explained well and everybody is encouraged to get stuck in. there's
even the odd cheesy joke thrown into the mix:
Q: What happened after an explosion at a French cheese factory?
A: All that was left was de brie.
Eh he he!

she is stretching the Mozzarella and then molding it into perfect
little balls... followed by Frizzante's own sous chef, Anis! Next time
you come to Frizzante you may be able to try some homemade cheese! I
was lucky enough to try some myself and I have to say, it was
absolutely delicious!
I've even booked myself onto the next class, that's how impressed I was

Finally, the group were shown how to make
butter and were encouraged to save and find a use for the
delicious butter milk that is produced during the
process, therefore wasting nothing. Yum!

To get in on the cheesy action next
time please go to
Cutting The Curd.

So, as you can already probably
already tell, we are all about fresh, local, homemade, hearty goodness
here at Frizzante. We are passionate about working with local, ethical,
sustainable and organic food producers and suppliers.

Our favorite fishy friends down at Soleshare, our Community Supported Fishery who
supply us each week with their freshly caught catch of the day, now
tell us exactly where and how our fish is caught along with the name of
the fisherman who caught it. You can't really get any more transparent
than that. This is why we love these guys, always pushing the
boundaries of sustainability and responsibility, therefore building a
better future for all 🙂

Until the next time, Ahoy, me

For further information or to inquire
about private events and
party's at Frizzante please email
[email protected] or call 020 7739 2266.