The Academy of Cheese

In 2013 Mary Quicke (of Quicke’s Cheddar) approached the Guild of Fine Food to look at developing a professional cheese qualification in the UK, inspired by the Certified Cheese Professional qualification run by the American Cheese Society, and that of the Wine & Spirit Education Trust Qualification.

Subsequently, The Academy of Cheese was set up to promote cheese knowledge and provide career development, both within the industry and amongst the wider public.  It culminates in the highly qualified and industry certified role of Master of Cheese.

There are to be four levels of certification –
Level 1 – Associate
Level 2 – Member
Level 3 – Fellow
Level 4 – Master

I am really excited to be a Training Partner for the Academy of Cheese and am proud to be associated with such a worthwhile and prestigious new programme.

Academy of Cheese Associate
Academy of Cheese Associate

During a day long course, we’ll look at different types of milk and how cheese is made; distributed and stored/matured.

We’ll learn how to taste and sample 12 cheeses (from 25 chosen varieties) and how to create the perfect cheeseboard.

We’ll discuss cheese and drinks pairing; cheese care; the history of cheese making and introduce you to the AoC Make & Post Make model.

And of course we’ll make some cheese as well!

A delicious home-made lunch will be served and you’ll leave with the Academy of Cheese delegate pack and the knowledge required (after a little revision!) to pass an online exam.